Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is a 29-year retired veteran of law enforcement and began his career as a military policeman with the United States Marine Corps in May 1985. Since entering law enforcement Michael has served as a patrol officer, narcotics detective, traffic investigator, intelligence analyst, and law enforcement trainer. Michael has been teaching law enforcement courses since 1990. During his law enforcement career, he’s received over 2,500 hours of specialized police training in a myriad of police disciplines. Michael retired from law enforcement in 2014.

Since 2012, Michael and Dataveillance have trained numerous private companies on the use of social media for investigations as well as law enforcement professionals employed with Federal, State, County, and municipal agencies throughout the United States.

In 2012, Michael helped create and develop the Open Source Social Media Course for FDLE’s first ever state-recognized Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy (FLEAA). As well, he has instructed the class since its inception.

Michael has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars on the use of social media in traditional investigations and has had several articles about his personal training published in the media.

Michael is focused on staying current with the world of social media and continuously adds new and up to the moment information in every class as the newest trends in investigations/web based crimes are brought to light.

Complex Investigations

Dataveillance will conduct social media research and investigations for law firms, insurance companies, human resource departments conducting employee clearances and back ground investigations and corporate loss prevention divisions. Please contact us for additional information to see how we can meet your needs at: info@dataveillance.us